Why politicians Are Warily Watching The Recall Election Of Sen

By Ben Christopher, CALmatters

Josh Newman says he is as flummoxed as anyone.

“One of the reasons I ran in the first place is because I think that people deserve a better politics…less partisanship and less baloney,” said the Democratic state senator from Orange County who was narrowly elected for the first time in 2016. “I never thought I’d be in this position—that I’d be the poster boy for what’s wrong with California politics.”

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And yet here he is, fighting for his very brief political life.

On Tuesday, voters in the district that stretches from Anaheim to Chino Hills will decide whether to fire Newman halfway through his first term in the Legislature. His offense: voting for a transportation bill last year that raised the state gas tax and other vehicle fees. The bill eked by thanks to the legislative supermajority the Democrats secured after Newman’s surprise win. (They’ve since lost it, but the appetite for revenge endures).

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At stake in the recall race is more than the short tenure of a state lawmaker. The fate of Sen. Josh Newman will provide an object lesson to politicians of all stripes on what happens to vulnerable politicians who take controversial votes—and how well parties and other interest groups can (or can’t) protect them from ticked off voters.

Newman, along with most Democrats, argues that it’s unfair to recall a lawmaker who won his district “fair and square.” ”I’ve never been accused of any malfeasance or anything else,” he said. “So what’s the basis for a recall? Just because you can. And it’s not right.”

The response from the pro-recall side: that’s politics.

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“This isn’t about waging war on anyone,” said California Republican party spokesman Matt Fleming. “This is about giving the voters the option to recall someone who in his first year has proven to be greatly out of step with his district.”

It’s not an easy time for lawmakers who cast tough votes. Last year, Republicans booted Yucca Valley GOp Assemblyman Chad Mayes from his position as minority leader after he helped the Democratic majority renew the state’s cap-and-trade program.

And although Gov. Jerry Brown vowed to defend bipartisan-minded Republicans at this year’s state of the state speech—telling them “I’ve got your back”—not all Democrats got the message. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has attacked Republican Assemblyman Rocky Chavez for his support of cap-and-trade in a strategic attempt to undermine him with conservatives who might otherwise support his bid for Congress.

Now that Newman is facing a possible pink slip for a vote on a tax that was backed by the governor, the vast majority of his Democratic colleagues, a broad coalition of business and labor organizations, and even one Republican in the Legislature, he says he’s victim of the very political polarization he ran for office to fight.


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